Hull Cleanings
Cleaning of props, struts, shafts, trim tabs, and rudders. The hull is cleaned along with thru-hulls, knot-logs, intake screens, and transducers. The waterline is brushed from the boot stripe to the hard chine. The transom and bow are cleaned and brushed. The bow/stern-thrusters are cleaned (for an additional charge). The zincs are inspected.

Only top quality American made Camp zincs are stocked and installed. Owner supplied zincs can be installed for an additional charge.

Lionfish ControlWe are the first company in the country to offer this service!
Think pest control, but underwater. Your dock area is inspected for Lionfish. All that are found are removed, and the required reports are submitted. Quarterly scheduling is recommended.

Full Prop Service
Removal, reconditioning, and reinstallation. Hassle Free!!! We will drop off, and pick-up your props to any local prop shop at no additional cost to you!

Propspeed Application
If you have your propellers reconditioned, or just want a quality propeller coating applied, we can do it. No need to haul! We remove your wheels, apply the Propspeed, and then reinstall. We do the application in-house, so you are still getting the job done The Proper Way!

Pile Wraps
Help protect your pilings from marine borers by having our pile wrap product installed. This product is a recycled high density polyethylene. The water around your piling
is stagnated, cutting off the oxygen to the organisms.

Service Plans
2-week, 4-week, 8-week, and will-call rotations are offered. The 2-week roll is our lowest priced. Our 2-week, 4-week, and 8-week customers receive priority scheduling.

Contact us for current rates by phone, or click here to email for our rates.